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International Clinical Research and Clinical Trials is an peer- reviewed, Bi-monthly, open access online journal. The journal publishes original research, reports, editorials, reviews and commentaries on all aspects of pharmaceutical, clinical trials, researches and related medical research methodologies. Clinical trials journal including, but not limited to, clinical trial design, conduct, decision analysis, synthesis, history, statistical methods, data management, legal, ethical and regulatory issues, case record form design, data collection, quality assurance, data auditing methodologies, risk-benefit, cost-effectiveness, clinical or policy impact of all types of clinical trials and related medical research methodologies.

Clinical trials journal aims to publish all the original research in fields of science, medicine and pharmacy and committed to facilitating the translation of research from the laboratory, to the patient’s bedside, to the community, in order to make a difference in the lives of patients. The ultimate goal of Clinical trials journal provides platform for knowledge exchange between experts in different disciplines related to clinical trials, and in turn advance this field of research.

The topics covered in Clinical trials journal include all disciplines of clinical medicine, medical research and clinical practice, treatment trials, prevention trials, diagnostic trials, screening trials, any intervention such as drugs, new surgical procedures or devices, preventive medicine, epidemiology, nursing, rehabilitation clinical trials/treatment strategies in occupational therapy, physical therapy or speech and language pathology, behavioural treatment, lifestyle modifications, new ways to use existing treatments, healthcare research and other aspects of care, that improve the quality of life for people with chronic illness.

Clinical trials journal submissions include interventional trials reports, evidence-based medical research reports, review reports, meta-analyses, health policies, observational studies, retrospective and prospective studies/commentaries, and other clinical studies.

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Clinical study

Clinical trial

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Interventional study (clinical trial)

Observational study

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Results database

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Serious adverse event

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Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical Research & Bioethics

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Data Management Softwares

Clinical Trials Europe

Contemporary Clinical Trials

Diabetic Trials

Drug Clinical Trials

HIV Clinical Trials

Pilot Studies

Preclinical Trails

Randomized Controlled Trials

Rehabilitation Protocols



Pre-Clinical Testing


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Safety Reports

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Treatment Trials



Clinical Epidemiology




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Medical Research


Pivotal Clinical Study


Death And Dying

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Clinical Cytogenetics

Molecular Medicine

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RNAi Technology/RNA Based Therapeutics


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Phases of Clinical Research


Data Validation

Crossover Study

Biomedical Systems

Blinded Experiment

Analysis Of Clinical Trials

Drug Design

Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-Based Research

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Multicenter Trial

Vaccine Trial

Therapeutic Misconception

Nursing Research?

Targeted Drug Delivery

Clinical Biostatistics

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Clinical Formulation


Clinical Investigation



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