Video Articles

Video articles are part of research essentials: articles that support the publication of research output, including data, software materials and methods – in brief, citable articles complementary to final research articles.All journals in an Aditum Publications publish Video articles.
We accept as true this feature can add dimension to the article, as certain information cannot be printed or is more convenient in electronic form. For detailed information about file formats, file size, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us at
Video Article contains all of the details summarized in a structured abstract and full-length manuscript, but accessible in a video form. The video(s) provide the watcher with some, or all, of the content supporting the research findings in a visual rather than written way.

Why publish a Video Article?

Arrangement of video and text enhance dissemination of new research findings.
Ensure video data from research gets the credit it deserves.
Video illustrates the main point and makes the core message of the article easier to access.
Figures and illustrations are presented in the video as the author speaks which particularly benefits medical journals, as well as for the humanities, and social sciences.

Video articles are easy to submit and are subjected to a rapid and peer review process. Aditum ensure that video articles are actively reviewed, organized and formatted. In addition, the video articles are made available immediately upon publication.

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