Guidelines for the Editorial Board

Aditum Publications believe Editorial board acts as a vital role in defining the compass and direction of a journal. The aims and goals of a journal depend as much on board members experience and expertise as they do on the content it publishes. Hence, it is significant that proper team structure is set in place to match the journal's vision and mission. Decisions made by the board to accept or reject a manuscript should be based on the reviewers' recommendation and the paper's clarity, novelty and relevance to the journal. No decision is permitted to be subjective by the race, religion, nationality, sex or sexual point of reference of the author or any additional aspect not linked to the merit of the manuscript.

Guidelines for the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

  • Explain the aims, scope and direction of the journal in association with the board
  • Energetic participation in peer review process
  • Set up strategy to build up the principles of the journal
  • Suggest potential contributors and reviewers to improve journals production
  • Put forward papers, editorials and opinions for publication in the journal
  • Endorse the journal in academic circles and scientific conferences in which you are going to take part
  • Suggest the journal to academicians, researchers and students to submit articles
  • Involvement in special issues when required
  • Keep a look at on any complaints of misconduct and make final decisions
  • Harmonize with other editors, reviewers and editorial staff on day-to-day operations of the journal.

Guidelines for EDITORS

  • Ground rules include being an expert in the definite field with nearly 70-100 publications
  • Giving suggestions to drive the journal to the tie success
  • Promote the journal among academic circles and scientific communities.
  • Be supposed to participate in review process and editorial activities
  • Suggesting appropriate reviewers within the scope of the article to process it further